You may not know this person or even seen his pt cruisers and touring vans on the back roads of Vermont, but thousands of people traveling to Vermont are glad they did.  You see, Kevin Lendway with his signature donegal cap is the owner and operator of Mountain View Tours, ( a 20 year old Tour company based in Stowe, Vermont.  Kevin has been dubbed: “Mr. Vermont”, by many of his customers as well as his colleges thru-out the State... 

       People come to Vermont from all over to get away from it all and unwind at a luxury resort far away. Searching the web, calling the chambers, often results in a simple call to a seventh generation Vermonter, having a great great grand father who fought in the civil war and a great great great great grand father who fought in the American Revolution here in Vermont. Kevin has been a tour guide for the past 20 years. "I really enjoy my work", says: Kevin, "‘What a thrill to meet people of all ages, from all over the world and from all walks of life such as: farmers, mechanics, truckers, school teachers to doctors, writers, artists and politicians,'” As far away as Cape Town, South Africa to addressing an audience of tour operators from Khuzestan Russia at  Northern Vermont University.  And of course, Kevin is more than up to the challenge.                                                                        

    A husband of 40 years to Becky Lendway and although not having any children, he is a big kid at heart.  Kevin was raised the youngest of 5 boys and 2 sisters, we never had a dull moment. We were good kids, if we got out of hand, my Dad would threaten to take us to Waterbury, no not to Ben & Jerry's but to the Vermont State Mental Hospital.  That usually corrected any misbehavior on our part.  Cable TV didn’t exist growing up, we grew up in the city of Burlington but had chores, chickens, a steer and a garden that would feed half the city. That was a lot of work. I learned from experience, that if one had goals in life then we would strive and work hard to reach them. I always liked radio as a boy. What a surprise that one day working at a college station in the city of Burlington did I learn I was the first radio announcer to talk on Vermont’s first stereo rock station, I was only 16 at the time.            

    More recently, Kevin had rented a house to 4 students attending Johnson State College. A few years went by only to learn that the students had formed a band and named their group after their landlord. The band is called: "Lendway".  Some of their music CD's can be purchased or downloaded on I-TUNES.  By the way, you can order  the: "Lendway Pizza"; at a restaurant called: "Panacea Pizza"; located  at 457  St. Paul Street in Burlington, Vermont.  They named the pizza after the band which of course is name after Kevin, the inspiration behind the name.  The restaurant has changed hands a few times...

    Vacations were the highlight of our summers. I realized that vacations mean a lot to people no matter who they are or where they come from. That was the ticket, I thought, to give people something memorable-an exciting Vermont vacation they will never forget. Though my Dad thought I cracked up, we worked hard on this endeavor, we dug and we researched town after town, village and village for something that was highly educational, informative as well as entertaining with fascinating Vermont history, folklore, legends and tales whether it be maple sugaring and covered bridges to the buried mummy in a Middlebury graveyard and the lost diamond ring in a small Vermont town owned by Buffalo Bill while hunting.. Or how they got the name Camel’s hump (Vermont’s 4th highest mountain) from Camel’s rump? Kevin has something for everyone. Why Kevin’s Father, a long-time Vermonter passes on many of the intriguing stories such as the name “dunder rock” that resembles a ship on Lake Champlain. What a great story that makes on a Burlington city tour!.


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Mountain View Tours

          Unlike most Vermonters who prefer to stick close to home like Kevin’s father who barely left his living room chair, Kevin, strikes a common cord with most travelers. That is because he himself is also a tourists and a world-wide traveler who loves to take local tours.   For “Mr. Vermont”, of Mountain View Tours working for the number one industry, tourism, has definitely paid off. Ideally, tourism is a win-win arrangement. The consumer escapes his normal routine and is pampered, entertained, or educated. What better place to offer that than to visit scenic and historic Vermont? There is more to vacations than fine dining and plush resorts. Tour Operators are thus challenged to make an actual visit an outstanding experience while resorts provide the comforts of home. That’s where Mr. Vermont “ of Mountain View Tours enters the picture, “Of all the factors which determine real pleasure and enjoyment while traveling, there is no other factor more important than the way guests are treated by the local people and the feeling of security which they experience.

         But it is very challenging to be outgoing, pleasant, and smiling on the job all the time. That is why “Mr. Vermont” instills the need to approach whatever the role we play with the same professionalism that would characterize a doctor, an attorney, or an insurance agent. We use uncompromising standards for every function that makes up the overall tourist experience. The harder we work as a Vermont tour guide in achieving these standards, the more seamless and consistently higher the level of performance will be.”
       So, the next time you decide to get away from it all and unwind.. Remember that Vermont has plenty to choose from. But if you want to have the complete Vermont experience, than: “Mr. Vermont”, may just be what the doctor has ordered….-end- 

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